#20items21days Capsule Wardrobe: Week 2

I still haven’t bought anything and I’m still going strong after two weeks of the #20items21days challenge (week 1 here). In fact, I might be in love with the concept of a capsule wardrobe. Here’s why:

My mornings are way simplified. I know I have less choices, so I spend less time trying things on. I already have a mini-capsule full of stuff I like and that looks good on me.

Packing is a cinch. I had to hop on a plane this week for a week back in SC with family and packing was a no-brainer. I don’t even think I made it to 20 items, and I had extra room in my suitcase.

Since the focus is off of stuff, i don’t think about shopping. Or when I do, I think about what investment pieces I’d like. Don’t quote me quite yet, but I’m thinking I’d much rather have one $100 top that is super well made with some superb design rather than five tops I’ll probably wear a few seasons before they’re out of style or worn out.

Not to mention shoes. Don’t get me started on shoes. I’m definitely into the idea of whittling down my shoe collection to the ones I really like and that fit my mom and runner feet. I mean, I’ve worn my wonderful Troentorp clogs in the four most recent outfit posts (see exhibits A, B, C and D). (Speaking of, pretty sure I need some clogs in this beautiful Bordeaux color. Or these nude clogs.)

I feel like I’m really honing my personal style. And it’s fun.

So how did week 2 go? Take a look! Continue Reading

#20items21days Capsule Wardrobe: Week 1

I’m a sucker for a wardrobe challenge, and #20itemsin21days came at the perfect time. I’m in the middle of the three-month shopping ban. I decided not to purchase any clothing or accessories for the first three months of the year in order to better assess why I buy and what I buy.

Mostly when I’ve shopped, it’s just out of curiosity and impulse. I rarely carefully plan my purchases, save for just the right item, or think about how a piece will fit into the rest of my wardrobe. I might wander into the Gap and browse the new arrivals, pleasantly surprised when I find a sale and simply must have that top because it’s 30% off and it’s the last one in my size. Continue Reading

Eleven Months Old!

11 months text

My son! You turned eleven months old, I promise. It happened nearly two weeks ago, right around when the hectic-ness of the holidays was starting. You won’t remember, but we’ve been BUSY since then. Thankfully, I remembered to snap these photos on your actual eleven-month birthday (December 15). So, that’s something! Here’s some of the cool stuff you’ve been into lately. Continue Reading

Nine Months Old

I didn’t think it could get any more fun with you, Judge, but it has! Happy nine months, little man. Here are a few of my favorite milestones and memories from the past month.

nine months 1

Your fourth (FOURTH!) trip back to the east coast to visit your grandparents. You like to grab everything in site, so it’s getting a little trickier on planes. But you still make lots of friends on our flights.

Visiting again with your great-grandmother. Continue Reading