6 of 30: Raw Is Good

Today there was raw food from Cafe Gratitude.
Raw deep dish pizza
Raw nachos
Raw mint chocolate chip shake
Salad. And a friend.

 And then there was a rooftop.

Dress: Old Navy    Scarf: DIY restyle (Thanks, A Pretty Penny!)    Flats: Target    Jacket: Old Navy

It was rough today. There were near 70-degree temperatures pretty much all day. I broke a sweat just walking to the grocery store.
Ok, I’ll stop.
At the grocery store I stocked up on allergen-free goodies for the week. Like cocoa puffed brown rice to eat for breakfast along with my homemade(!) almond milk. Yum! And gluten- and dairy- and egg-free cookies that taste like chewy snickerdoodles. Double yum! And almond hazelnut butter.
I mean, I really loved food before, but now finding all of these allergen-free goodies is becoming a hobby.
Speaking of goodies, you must must try making your own almond milk. (Thanks, Christie for the link.) It is delightful. And simple! Unfortunately, you end up with a bunch of leftover almond pulp (or meal). I’m attempting to make a cocoa cinnamon roll-like concoction right now. Just by mashing together coconut milk and almond pulp with unsweetened cocoa powder and topping it off with cinnamon and honey.
I’ll let ya know how it goes.
In case you’re wondering how I ride my scooter with a dress on (Ok, you probably weren’t), I get sneaky about it. I’m wearing shorts underneath the dress. I keep it modest, people.
Also, check out A Pretty Penny blog for lots of cute things and darling DIYs. I’m hoping to try her natural deodorant recipe next!
And, yes, I watched the Super Bowl.

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