Give It Up & Take It On… For Two Months!

Some of you might recall from my other blog the Give up/Take on Project. And you might have thought I forgot about it. But I haven’t.
Last month, I gave up my old job and I took on a new one. And it’s great. I’m loving it. Blogging everyday. For a living.
This month I’m giving up washing my hair everyday. Ok so I actually already only shampooed my hair about every other day. But now I’m going to try the trend and wash my hair even less. My first week, I noted that I shouldn’t use product in my hair and then not wash it for several days. I’m still rinsing, but it doesn’t get the product out.
So I’ll be washing and then working without product until maybe the last day of my “no poo” project. And I won’t go completely shampoo-less at first. But I think eventually the natural oils in my hair will sort of work themselves out, right?

What am I taking on this month? Well, that would be bootcamp. I started a fitness bootcamp this week and it’s kicking my butt. MAN I am out of shape. Last October I was in great shape. Now, I’m feeling the sting of my lazy streak.

After bootcamp, I hope to start training for a marathon. Just need to figure out which one.

 Gifted top, Banana Republic cardigan, Old Navy jeggings and necklace, Madden boots
My friends and I started watching this series last night. It is great. I’ve never thought much about the lives of circus performers outside of the circus (when would I?), and following the story of the Big Apple Circus performers is really intriguing.
Also, the soundtrack is great. 

Ok I’m off to get ready for a French-themed Birthday party. Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend!

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