Sunday: Happy Things

Think I might start a weekly Sunday blog where I post pictures of things that make me happy (either on that day or any other). Because, why not? Everyone loves pictures!
So here goes.
Things that make me happy: 
* Singing harmonies with our church band because they are so amazingly awesome.
* Wearing leopard print. Even though my ballet flats are the only leopard-printed piece of apparel I own.
* Our “boot shelf.” Husband bought it discounted at the Borders that’s closing down the street from us. And now our boots have a home! (Note: Only like one-and-a-half shelves are for my boots.)
* No-recipe homemade chili for the first time. This doesn’t sound¬†like much of an accomplishment, but trust me, it is. I’m a (willing) slave to recipes.
That’s all, folks! Have a lovely whatever’s-left-of-your-Sunday!
P.S. I can cross “Chambray shirt” off of my “Fashion To-Do List” because I got one yesterday!
Clockwise from top left: 1. Drummer Jason Slota brings the rhythm. (He plays with John Vanderslice. No big deal.); 2. Leopard-print ballet flats; 3. Boot shelf!; 4. Pot of no-recipe chili success. Yum.

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