husband's closet


 Old Navy top and bag, Gap sweater jacket, gifted jeans, Banana shoes, Goorin Bros. hat (husband’s)

The hubs and I like to go to movies on Saturday mornings with our breakfasts from Starbucks (usually oatmeal or those yummy sandwiches they have) because the early show is $6. Yeah! We’re delightfully frugal!

Today I chose a tomboy look. Because I wanted to wear my husband’s fedora because my hair is gross because I haven’t washed it in several days. You didn’t need to know that. But I think the look works. Not like “I’ll wear it to work” works, but definitely “Saturday morning movie date” works.

Monday morning I start a month-long fitness bootcamp. At 6am. I need it because I’ve gotta get back into shape if I’m hoping to run another marathon this year. So I’m hoping it’ll kick my butt.

Oh, and my husband doesn’t take normal pictures, unless he’s posing for someone else’s blog.

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