Friday Goods

Yes, I’m a little behind on posting. This was from last Friday. But I’m assuming you’ll forgive me.
Has anyone been in Old Navy lately? Because it is looking good! Really. The “Favorite Looks” section on says it all: some really great looking pieces for late summer and fall. I can’t wait to show you the pieces I snagged this weekend. (Don’t worry, it was all in the budget!)
Speaking of Old Navy, yes, these photos were taken in the Market Street Old Navy fitting rooms. I’m a weird one. And you know what? Most of the outfit was Old Navy (stuff that I own and just happened to put together that day). Go figure!
ON dress, cardi & belt, Madden boots, earrings gifted (and from Sudan)
 Friday was also the day that I took my Nook for a spin in the sunshine. Look, it worked!

And then I finished “The Hunger Games, Book One” on Friday night. Aren’t you proud of me for finally finishing a book?

I thought it’d be fun to show you that sometimes I get to write really fun stuff for work, like Saturday’s post I did on fashion bloggers and how frugal they can be. Check it out here. I linked lots of my favorite style bloggers and had a lot of fun bringing them all together in this post!
And then other times I get to write about more difficult subjects, like this week’s post on the U.S. credit downgrade. I know it sounds boring, but it’s times like those that my studious self takes over and I dive into reading and researching all about a subject that, just a little while ago, wouldn’t have crossed my mind as a bloggable topic. (“Bloggable”? Sure. It’s a word.)

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