Inspiration: Favorite bloggers of 2011

I love my blog-browsing time (which seems to be whenever I have a spare moment on the internet, except while I’m at work). Most of the blogs I browse are style-oriented, and I thought I’d give a few of my faves a little shout-out. Thanks for your inspiration!

A Pretty Penny: Not only is Keira lovely, but she puts together the most effortlessly cool outfits. I always notice her colorful lipstick and nail polish. She’s my feminine style inspiration.

Blue Collar Catwalk: Kyla is an adventurous dresser and person, with her kooky cool style and roller derby hobby. And she has the most adorable dog in the blogosphere. She’s my lifestyle inspiration.

A Beautiful Mess: Elsie’s “about me” section is absolutely true. Her blog is “full of pretty things that you can make and wear!” She’s my crafty style inspiration.

Girl & Closet: Veronika wears a dress and tights like nobody’s business. She always looks lovely and colorful and put-together. She’s my adorable style inspiration.

Adored Austin: Indiana is always chatting it up with other style bloggers on the scene. She’s spends lots of time keeping up with the fashion world in Austin. She’s my style event inspiration.

Monster Cakes: Jessica fills her blog with honest observations about life and faith. She’s open without being dramatic, and her stories are hilarious. (She’s also a fellow four-eyed geek.) She’s my thoughtful style inspiration.

Atlantic-Pacific: Blair’s style is way different from mine–I’m amazed at her ability to wear heels just about everyday–but I love keeping up with her sophisticated style. Plus, she’s repping my town in the blogosphere. She’s my sophisticated style inspiration.

What Would a Nerd Wear: Tania’s style is cool, comfortable and just right for a bookworm grad student. I can totally relate (in my past life). Plus, she’s a whiz at layering. She’s my casual style inspiration.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of the bloggers I love to follow, but it’s a start. I’m looking forward to another year of great style (and life!) inspiration!

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