The Business of Busyness

Oh, hai!

It’s nice to see y’all. As you can imagine from my absence and lack of posting, I’ve been a busy Betty (er, Bethy).

But sometimes busyness can be a good thing.

For instance, I’ve been busy visiting with friends who came to town, playing music with Christi, and working on my new blog project.

Oh, no she didn’t! Oh, yes she did. I’m working on a fun new project, something that’s completely unrelated to fashion and a nice little side project on which I can focus my online energies. This blog’s been nice, but I need something different. Don’t worry, I’ll still blog here, but it won’t be as frequent, and outfit photos will be few and far between. (I know you’re just devastated.)


Well, you’ll just have to wait until I’m ready to share. In the meantime, feel free to take a stab at guessing what my new project is. (Except for you few friends who know. Don’t spoil it, now!)

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