Hello there, long lost friend.

Whoa. It’s been a while, eh?

Sorry for the lack of communication, friends. Since we’ve been apart I’ve:
  • Found a love for audiobooks. Finished “The Help,” “Night Circus,” “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” (wasn’t a huge fan) and now I’m on to Stephen King’s “11/22/63.” Listening to novels is a great way to pass the time walking to work.
  • Been slacking off on my workouts. (So sue me. I’m working on it.)
  • Watched “Titanic” all over again. In 3D. (Don’t hate.)
  • Started a new blog.
See what I did there? I snuck it in. I’m a sneaky one. The new blog, Learning Curd, is about–you guessed it–CHEESE.
I’ve fallen in love with the stuff, and I figured I should make my interest a new hobby, and write about it, too. Who knew that California had the highest number of artisan cheese makers in the country? My teacher at my very first cheese tasting class, that’s who.
I’ll still blog here (when I remember to take outfit photos. I know you’ve missed seeing all of my outfits), but I’ll be concentrating most of my efforts over here. So stop by. And you can also follow my cheese antics on Twitter.

(For your reference, I can also be found at @bhardeman.)

Gap khakis, Banana Republic top, Target cardigan and flats

One last thing. Help me vote on my new blog header? After much deliberation (and the awesome designs from my friend!) I can’t choose between two headers.
Header #1: Grass

Header #2: No grass


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