Team USA Colors

Gap top, jeggings, scarf and bracelet; Old Navy booties
Who needs Photoshop?
I stumbled upon this article from IFB, all about (free) in-browser photo editing tools. Look at how much awesomer my photos look after using Pixlr’s O-matic tool? (I used the “Peter” filter, in case you were interested.)
On to the Olympics! You already know how in love with them I am. Now I just can’t seem to stop finding red, white and blue combinations in my wardrobe.
By the way, have you see that P&G Olympics commercial about moms? Yeah, it’ll make you cry. (That’s not the exact one that’s airing frequently, but it’s still so sweet.)
The hubs and I are heading to NYC early Friday morning. I’m going to BlogHer ’12, and then we’re hanging out until Tuesday for some fun with friends. I can’t wait to get educated on some awesome blogging skills and consume lots of good food and drinks with friends. Holla!

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