Can we all go back to posting videos of cute puppies now?

{Gap dress (seriously stalked this one online until it came to the store) | Old Navy wedges}

My favorite thing about social media is that we can all express our opinions and change each others’ minds through our Facebook statuses, Tweets and Instagrams. The power of influencing others with a quippy ecard or meme is incredible. After all, when I was in the voting booth this morning, I whipped out my phone just so I could check my “friends” statuses to make sure I was making the right decision.

None of this is true. My real favorite thing about social media is puppies and kitties and other baby animals.

So this post is dedicated to everyone who has missed puppies and kitties as much as I did during this election season. Enjoy the clickies!

There. don’t you feel better now? I know I do. Here’s to filling up our Facebooks with puppies and kitties and other adorable animals once more!

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