Hey! It’s me.

Photos of me!!! From weeks ago! Hooray!

I won’t make excuses. I’m just lazy.

And busy. Ok–I made an excuse. I’ve done some cool things since we last spoke. I went to a goat farm (go look at these photos, pronto). We got our new City Target, just a short walk from our apartment. It’s dangerous, y’all. I carved a couple of pumpkins. I don’t even really like carving pumpkins. (There. I said it.) Our visiting friend from D.C. got stranded here in SF due to Sandy. I ran a trail race and determined based on that race and last year’s that I’m no trail runner. The San Francisco Giants won the World Series and we got a second round of celebrating in the city (after 2010’s win). And our SC pals who are now living in Walnut Creek came for a visit and we saw “Wreck-It Ralph.” Highly recommend.

I’m getting pumped about the holidays. We’ll host a little sumpin’ sumpin’ at our apartment for Thanksgiving (per usual) and head to South Carolina for Christmas. So I am stoked.

In clothing news, I had to retire this shirt after this photo shoot. It had seen one too many outings and was starting to pill like crazy. But I’ve already replaced it with a vintage tee from Old Navy (seriously soft and perfectly vee’d). And these adorable little jeans have tiny little polka dots all over them.

{Old Navy jeans | Gap top | Gap scarf | Dolce Vita shoes (same in black)}


  • Peggy

    Hey you! City Target, I must come see it! Is it different from the other ones? Love your jeans. I’m dying for some of the new animal sweaters from old navy. Maybe you can get one! I started running! I’m running the mermaid 5k this weekend in SF!

    • Bethy

      The one disappointing thing about City Target: no shoes. Other than that it’s pretty good – a HUGE apparel section! I haven’t seen the animal sweaters in store at ON yet. I’ll keep my eyes peeled. And yay for running!

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