Korean & Karaoke


Last Saturday night my husband and I had a little adventure with a few scoot-friends of ours. (Scoot-friends = scooter-riding friends. Yes, this is a thing. And our gang is called “The Fancies,” though the full gang was not present on this night.)

First, we headed to a must-visit Korean cuisine restaurant, Toyose in the Outer Sunset. (For those of you not familiar with San Francisco, the husband and I live downtown and the Outer Sunset is about a 25-minute scooter ride away. Yes, that’s a long ride when you consider the entire city of San Francisco is 7×7 miles.)

Toyose is a converted garage. Half of the garage is a shotgun-style restaurant and the other side is the kitchen. We had to wait a while for a table for four, but once we sat down, the food came fast. And it was amazing. Pot stickers, kimchi fried rice, seaweed rolls (maybe my favorite), fried chicken wings, bulgogi and lots of little pickled goodies (as is typical). Plus we ordered a “pitcher” of beer (really just a 1.6 liter soda bottle and a bottle of peach soju (so tasty). Feast your eyes on some of the feast:





Naturally, after dinner we found the closest karaoke joint and sang some tunes. Most of the rooms were booked, so we had to squeeze into a 30-minute window and do some speed karaoke. It’s my new favorite kind of karaoke. I’m pretty sure the guys were belting some Backstreet Boys in this photo.


How was your weekend?

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