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Well, hello, there! This summer has been full of weekend adventures and escapades and I LOVE IT. (Even better, it’s not stopping any time soon.) First there was a delightful day trip with the girls, then the hubs and I took a tour of the farm where they make the tastiest sheep cheese, next Mom came to visit SF, I enjoyed a day on the Russian River with a girlfriend, and finally I hopped a plane to Chicago to see my college roommate. Oh, and we took the opportunity to check out the Justin Timberlake & Jay Z concert, too. A-MAH-zing.

Visiting with college friends called for some bubbly (especially since we had to wait a couple of hours for a table at Rick Bayliss’ Frontera Grill. We hit up Pops for Champagne for drinks and oysters. Not even a sprinkle of rain could keep us from enjoying the warm city night.

Chi Collage 1

Visiting the Art Institute of Chicago was a highlight for me, although I felt like I could’ve spent another couple of hours there (or days).

One of my favorites was seeing Monet’s Haystack series. I loved imagining Monet returning to the same spot for months to paint the changing seasons’ effect on seemingly mundane objects.

Chi Collage 2

We met up with an old Keystone Camp friend of mine for drinks at the Signature Lounge in the Hancock Building, which is a 95th-floor cocktail bar. The view was amazing, which made up for the just-ok-but-pricey cocktails.

Chi Collage 3

Next was an evening boat ride in Chicago Harbor. It rained while we were on the boat, but that made for a lovely sky once the rain stopped falling. I can’t get enough of nighttime cityscapes.

Chi Collage 4

Chi Collage 5

On my last night in town, we topped things off with the oh-so-amazing Justin Timberlake and Jay Z concert at Soldier Field, which pretty much meant a night full of dancing and singing and cheering and happiness.

Chi Collage 6

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