Portland! It’s a Place I’ve Been to Now!


It’s been a little while (ahem–two months–ahem) since my trip to Portland (first time!) to see my pal Christie. I thought it best to let my Instagram photos tell the story of the trip. Enjoy, friends!


We were welcomed by The Portland airport’s stellar carpet – it’s just like we’re at the Max!


It didn’t take us long to find some nice stacks of food to devour.


Powell’s was–in a word–overwhelming. I’d love to spend some extended time there, but for a short visit to Portland, there were other things to see.


I had the best chicken wings I’ve ever eaten at Pok Pok. If you go for a visit, you MUST MUST MUST order their fish sauce chicken wings!


The main attraction of the weekend was seeing Death Cab for Cutie play Transatlanticism at the Edgefield. Simply spectacular!


It may be blurry, but it’s wonderful.


A visit to Portland wasn’t complete without at stop at Stumptown. I walked away with the most expensive bag of beans (I really just picked the one that sounded most like a brew I’d dig), and I got an iced mocha for free.


More food was on the docket–including a stop at the Waffle Window. I might’ve gained a couple of pounds on this trip…


I scored a couple of albums on vinyl for $1 to play on my new turntable: Conway Twitty’s Greatest Hits (Vol. 1!) and an Amy Grant album. Yes, Amy. Grant. Worth it.


Another food stop: Screen Door. If you go, get there before it opens. Otherwise you’ll wait a LONG TIME for a table.


Our final stop on the tour was Multnomah Falls. Since we went on a holiday, it was packed. And it took us a while to find parking. But it was a lovely sight.



Finally, we had a Labor Day cookout at Christie and her sister’s house. Her other sister, niece and nephew joined as well, which was a lot of fun. Somehow I was roped into being master of the grill. (I may have dropped a few pieces of hamburger.)


Goodbye and hello to San Francisco on my Virgin America flight!

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