Babby Hardeman is a…

Saturday was the day of the big news: Is Babby Hardeman a girl or a boy?

Chip and I found out at the hospital, but I wanted to have a little fun and bake some gender-specific sweets to share with our friends that night.


So I baked some cupcakes and filled them with either raspberries (girl) or blueberries (boy).

Our friends were betting Babby was a boy. Chip thought girl. I hadn’t a clue. (Seriously, how do pregnant women have these instincts? My only instinct told me there’s definitely something in there.)

Our parents were split on their guesses: Half guessed boy, half guessed girl.


Babby Hardeman is a boy! Very excited to announce the arrival of a little baby boy to our family in January.


Now I can finally start buying baby clothes…


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