One Month Old


We’ve had a full four weeks with you, little Judge. Parenting you is a day-by-day kind of thing, and I don’t want to forget the little stuff.

Your “blue steel” face – the first facial expression I’ll remember.

The way you stretch after being woken up, arching your back and raising your arms high overhead.

Your powerful baby hiccups, which remind me that you’re the same baby I carried in my womb for nine months

The way your little fists fold in toward your body contently when you’re eating.

How your legs mimic a frogs’ when you’re sleeping comfortably.

The very first time you fountain-sprayed me with pee when I was changing you. (It’s not all adorable, folks.)


How you curl up happily on my chest to fall asleep. Seriously–it’s the best.

The “coo” sound you make when it seems like you might cry but then you change your mind.

The way your arms and legs flail when you’re startled in your sleep.

Our early morning feedings. Because when we’re done, we get to cuddle as San Francisco awakens outside the window.

Dressing you in the hippest baby clothes we can find.

The squeals and squeaks you make before before passing some serious gas.

When you look me in the eyes. I know your eyes can’t focus well yet, but it still melts me into a puddle of gushy mom love.

Happy one month, little Judge!