Spousal Parenting Advice


I know just as much about parenting as my husband.

I’ll ask for his advice about the baby.

He’ll say, “I don’t know,” with a genuine shrug and a clueless look.

That’s when it hits me: We know exactly the same amount about parenting.

This has been one of the most surprising–though unsurprising–things about being new parents. Typically, my husband and I can ask each other for advice or an opinion and get a good answer. I ask him which shoes look best with my outfit. He asks me to edit his cover letters. I know what he’s good at and he knows where I excel. But when it comes to parenting, it’s all even.

“Is it ok to let the baby sleep for seven hours at night?” (Answer: YES, it is and oh my goodness it’s amazing when this happens.)

“Should we use this diaper rash cream?”

“Is it ok not to burp him if he’s sleeping post-feeding?”

“Why is he crying?” (HA! This is always a fun one.)

We’re becoming experts at this parenting thing together, which is pretty cool. It also means, though, that we get to mess up together. I suppose that’s cool, too–we have each other to fall back on, and so long as we don’t screw up too badly, our kid will be fine. Plus,┬áthere’s something exciting about that genuine shrug of the shoulders that says, “We’ll just figure this out.”

So far, so good.


(Photo credit goes to my amazingly talented sister-in-law.)

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