Two Months Old

two months main

The day you finally breastfed and our whole relationship changed.

How you smile back when I smile at you, especially when I first get you up in the morning.

All of the new sounds tumbling out of your mouth and the anticipation of your first real laugh.

The way your toes curl and your feet wiggle slowly while you eat.

Your seriously impressive projectile spit-up.

How you’re already starting to grow out of some of your 0-3 month clothes because your legs are so long.

two months 1

Your hatred of baths.

How you look at me and know me–this just keeps getting better and better.

How, when I’m burping you over my shoulder, you’ll hold your wobbly head up and make your blue steel face, satisfied and alert.

How, when you won’t nap in your bed but I want to nap, we can curl up, side by side, in my bed and doze together.

How you’ll fall asleep breastfeeding–a lot.

The way you make your dad and I act like complete idiots just to get you to smile.

two months 3


  1. Love it…please add me to your list. SO look forward to seeing you soon and meeting Judge…delighted you will be in SC at same time as us…xoxo…RA

    • I’m so glad I’ll get to see you and that you’ll get to meet Judge!

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