Maternity Leave: Tips for Returning to Work

maternity leave

Going back to work last week after maternity leave wasn’t easy, but having the support of lots of moms–both online and off–has really helped. I made it through the week and actually really enjoyed it, aided by the fact that I love my job and was excited to see my coworkers again. I think this working mom life suits me.

Here’s some great advice I received from my friends on Facebook:

“Bring tissues.”

“Know that getting home and seeing his sweet face will become one of the best parts of your day.”

“Give yourself grace, work hard, and appreciate that you are working hard to provide for the munchkin who now owns your world! Work is going to be at a different level in the priority list now – understand where it falls and where your boundaries lie.”

“Plan meals for the week and stock up on crock pot recipes. Do as much prep for the next day each evening.”

“Sending your child to day care or leaving them with the nanny is good for them because it teaches them that there are other people in the world besides mom and dad that will love and care for them.”

“Have someone else be responsible for dinner the first few days or do crockpots.”

“If you are pumping at work (pardon the advice if you are not): Best purchase ever was a hands free pumping bra.”

“The best advice I received from another working mama was to make sure I got everything ready for the next day as soon as I got home (including bringing in the 14 bags I now have to carry everywhere)”

“Working will help you appreciate your time with your little guy even more.”

(Thanks to Ashley, Liz, Stephanie, Amy, Deborah, Sam, Lindsay, Jennie & Cassie!)

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