Soft Pants

jane 1

That’s what most retailers are calling pants like these: “soft pants.”

But let’s call it like it is.

These are basically pajama pants. Outside- and office-life appropriate pajama pants, but definitely dangerously close to pajama pants.

Don’t get me wrong–I’m completely ok with that. After all, I’m still working on the last 10 pounds of preggo weight and can’t yet fit into my beloved Rockstar jeans.

So if you too want some incredibly comfortable, work-acceptable pajama pants, here are a few of my favorites:

Patterns are kind of my thing right now. They hid the baby spit up quite well.

A black pair will make your office pajama attire EXTRA fancy. Try these or these.

Really just obsessed with the color of these pants.

A little neon accent and long-and-lean stripes, for the win!

jane 2

Old Navy linen boyfriend shirt (my absolute favorite right now) | LOFT pants (no longer available, but they are having 70% off sale items right now, like this cute skirt and this chambray jumpsuit) | Birkenstock sandals | Gap bag | necklace gifted by the hubs

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