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Three Months Old

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What a ride it’s been, little Judge! Since your two-month birthday, you’ve had lots of adventures and developed by leaps and bounds (at least, according to your mom).

Your first and second trips to South Carolina to see family. You were a champ on all of the planes until the last return flight, when you pooped twice before takeoff and had to change your clothes after the seatbelt sign went off. Mom is glad she brought a change of clothes and that she was sitting around very understanding passengers.

The way you stretch out your long body and point your toes. A future dancer, perhaps?

All of your new sounds and faces, and the few times you’ve actually giggled like a real person.

The sheer delight you bring to your dad and me when we can make you smile. It’s. The. Best.

Your bubble blowing. You love it, and your drool-soaked onesies prove that.

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How you like playing “airplane.” Your mouth opens in a happy grin and your neck lengthens as your arms stretch behind you. You love it!

Your epic poops. Seriously. I’m impressed.

The fact that you’re ALREADY OUTGROWING SOME OF YOUR CLOTHES. This is crazy town. Stop it.

How sometimes, after your early morning feeding, dad and I will let you fall asleep between us in our bed. Maybe it’s setting a precedent for a not-so-great habit in the future, but it’s so sweet, so I don’t mind.

Your loud baby burps. So rude.

The precious memories I’ll cherish of you spending four weeks of your life with your grandparents during our trips to SC. Your GeeGee making funny faces at you to get you to smile and laugh. Your Pops playing tummy time with you. Your MiMi letting you curl up and fall asleep on her. Your Grandpa rocking you to give you comfort.

Your first visit to Rocky Ridge, your grandparents cabin in the NC mountains. Playing on the blanket beside the firepit. Breastfeeding on the porch swing with the Blue Ridge Mountains as our backdrop. Sleeping on Pops in the Moby Wrap walking through Waynesville.

Meeting so many new baby friends, including three other babies born in your same school year: Pearl, Margot and Porter.

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It’s cliche to say, I know, but these three months have flown by. I go back to work next week and I’m excited and nervous. I long to return to my work and coworkers because that’s where I shine, but I’ll miss spending my days with you. Please stay this small forever, or at least continue to endure your mom taking countless photos of you to remember every last detail of your tiny baby self.

P.S. This little yellow overall outfit belonged to your Uncle Tim. That’s right, dresses-in-mostly-black Uncle Tim. This will be funny to you someday.

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