Four Months Old

four months 1

Your ever-increasing propensity to smile. It is the most fun.

Your new adventures with your nanny Nadine and your baby friend, Bash.

How you do NOT like to be burped. Seriously. You cry as soon as I position you over my shoulder to burp you.

Your first tooth. No joke. happened about a week ago. (You can almost see it in the photo below.)

four months 3

How you look like the best-dressed little person in the outfits your dad picks out for you.

How you pretty much always cry when we put you to bed. I get it. You want to hang out with us forever and ever.

How your tummy time skills are steadily increasing, though I’m still waiting for the day you flip yourself back over.

How you’re still stingy with your giggles, but when they happen, it’s like a million Haribo Fizzy Colas.

How we’ve started facing you out in the carrier and you seem to love taking in the world around you.

Your impressive grip.

How you no longer totally despise bath time, but you still seem skeptical.

How you love “standing up” so much that I bought you a jumper. And how I can’t wait for the jumping stage to start.

four months 4

How, sometimes, it sounds like you say real words. The first one was “cat.”

How you put your feet flat on the ground and lift up your hips like the bridge pose in yoga. This is super not helpful when I’m trying to change your diaper.

How you’re dad is addicted to putting tiny baby shoes on you.

How the front of your outfit is always soaked with your baby drool.

How you’ve made me the happiest working mom around.

four months 2

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