My Husband’s Clothes

chip's top 1

Those of you who know my husband know that he has great taste in clothes. He’s worked in apparel for years now–currently he’s a denim developer. He digs unique textiles with stories to tell.

Every now and then–ok, quite often–he goes through his closet to purge the items he hasn’t worn in a while. And occasionally, he pulls out a gem or two for me to try out. (That’s how I scored my Saint James top.)

That’s how I snagged this top, too. It’s from Merz b. Schwanen and was knit on an old, circular knitting machine (so it doesn’t have seams). It drapes perfectly and costs more new than I will likely ever spend on a tshirt.

With a quick, subtle wardrobe change, I wore it for daytime and then later that night for the Damien Rice concert in Oakland. (You guys–I felt all of the feels at that concert.)

Here’s hoping the husband purges his closet again soon.

chip's shirt 2

chip's shirt 3

Merz b. Schwanen tshirt (I’m digging this one, too) | Gap maternity jeans (similar) | Gap quilted jacket (in blue) | Vans for Madewell slip-ons | Banana Republic leather jacket (old) | Nike high tops (different color) | Madewell necklace (on sale!)

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