Five Months Old

five months 2

Your second tooth. I can’t believe you have two now.

Your impressive ability to entertain yourself with just about anything. Like when we were at a restaurant the other and gave you a coffee sleeve and you turned it over and over in your hand curiously.

Your super-speed feedings. You had a lot of issues with breastfeeding in the beginning, but now you have it down, plus you speed through meal time.

How you love grabbing everything. Toys, books, Mom and Dad’s hair…

five months 4

How well you can roll over. You decide when it’s tummy time now.

Your giggle. OH MY GOODNESS, YOUR GIGGLE. Is it the best sound I’ve ever heard? Possibly?

Your many sleeping positions: sometimes like a starfish, other times with your arm thrown across your face or thrown above your head.

How excited you are to see me when I pick you up after work. It’s the best part of every day.

five months 3

How you make friends wherever you go. You’re a seriously social baby and you’ve met tons of people. I’m pretty sure we’ll have to work really hard on the whole “stranger danger” thing when you get a little older, because you love everyone.

Your screams–not necessarily because you’re upset. I like┬áto think you’re just expressing yourself.

Your current favorite toy: crinkle book.

How you wrap your arms around my neck when I’m holding you. I know it’s probably just to keep your balance, but I love it regardless.

five months 1

The months keep getting better and better. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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