Six Months Old

A whole half of a year that’s how long it’s been since you entered our lives. It’s been a really fun ride so far. In the past month you’ve continued to race ahead in your development. I want things to slow down, but I’m having a blast watching you discover the world.

six months 1

Your flipping and flopping all over the floor!

How you’re THIS close to crawling, but for now you just scoot backwards little by little.

The not-so-fun feedings when you decide to chomp down. Uf.

Your propensity to grab everything in sight, which made your third trip to SC (to date) a real adventure when we were sitting in the middle seat.

Speaking of plane rides: How you always make lots of friends when we travel, especially when it’s just you and me. The flight attendants always jump at the chance to hold you so mom can take a bathroom break.

How you’ve discovered your feet and like to practice “happy baby” pose as much as you can.

six months 3

Our Saturday mornings, when you get to cuddle in the bed with mom and dad. You love it.

Your first experience with solid foods: watermelon. A lot of it got on the floor, but you had a great time. (And at least some of it made it to your stomach, as evidenced by your diapers. Ew. Gross. I’ll stop.)

Our walks with your new stroller. You love seeing the world and smiling at strangers.

Regular brunch at our favorite spot, Rusty’s Southern, where everyone knows your name and loves seeing you.

How your eyes widen when you see something you want to grab, whether it’s a toy, a book or mom’s hair.

six months 2

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