Seven Months Old

My, how you’ve grown, my son! I just love spending time with you. You’re getting so expressive, and it’s fun to find the things that make you laugh. Here’s to seven months.

seven months 1

How easy it is to “scare” you. I love hiding behind a wall and jumping out to say “Boo!” You love it.

You’re first true crawl! While you’ve been thinking about it for a long time, it finally happened last week. You may fall down a lot and substitute belly crawling sometimes for hands-and-knees crawling, but one fact remains–you’re mobile.

Our adventures in baby-led weaning. It’s a mess, but so much fun to watch you explore whole foods. Here’s what you’ve had so far, more or less in order of most favorite to least favorite (though we’ve yet to find something you despise): bananas, watermelon, cantaloupe, eggs, asparagus, broccoli, sweet potato, avocado. You’ve even tried a couple of my burgers when we’re out to eat: beef and lamb. You loved both!

My first trip away from you to Europe with Christi and Natalie. I definitely missed you, but you had a blast with your Mimi, who spoiled you with a cookie each time she visited Flour & Co.

seven months 2

How squirmy you’ve gotten when breastfeeding. You’re fast–done in a matter of minutes sometimes. And you try to sit up while breastfeeding, as if you can’t miss a second of what’s going on around me.

Your decision to not sleep through the night at all the week I got back from Europe (and Chip left for a work trip). Between single parenthood, work and jet lag, it was a tough week. Huge kudos to single parents and military spouses who quite often have to parent without their partner around. You guys are superstars.

Your continued adventures with your nanny Nadine and Bash. You have a double stroller now, and you love it.

Your first time on playground swings and my realizing that there are actually several playgrounds within walking distance. I can’t wait until you’re big enough to really play.

seven months 3

The fact that now you have 4.5 teeth! Three on the bottom and one and a half on the top. I can’t believe how early you got them.

Your blonde hair and blue eyes. You’re going to be a ladykiller, my son.

How snuggly you get when you’re tired. Can that just never end?

That night I fell out of the bed while sleeping (!!!) because I think I was dreaming about rescuing you from falling off of the bed. Mama bird instincts right here, folks.

seven months 4


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