Eight Months Old

Oh, little Judge. You’re not so little anymore! Everyone comments on how big you are for your age. Must be something in the milk.

It’s been eight months and–just like everyone said it would–it just keeps getting better.

eight 1

Your hair! Your blonde hair is growing and growing and I love it. You’re one good looking kid, Judge.

My very favorite part of your bedtime routine, when I cuddle you and sing you a lullaby right before putting you in your bed. It’s our sweetest time together.

Speaking of sleeping, our sleep training experiments. There were a few tricky weeks there, but I think we’re figuring it out.

More baby-led weaning! You love pretty much everything we put in front of you. You’ve even had some ice cream! (Your dad couldn’t resist.) I foresee many more family outings to our new neighborhood ice cream spot, Shakedown.

eight 2

Your very first concertThao and the Get Down Stay Down at the 20th Street Block Party. (Listen to Thao.)

Your new mobility. You’re crawling up a storm. It’s especially fun to stand at the end of the hallway and let you crawl excitedly toward me.

Your standing skills. You can pull yourself up while holding on to the couch or chair and stand up. And you LOVE it.

Your first fever. It was scary, but we made it through. You were so tired and snuggly the whole time and couldn’t quite get comfortable. My normal trick of breastfeeding-to-fix-it wouldn’t do the trick, but a couple of calls to the advice nurse line and some Pedialyte later, and you were back to your normal self.

eight 3

Watching your personality develop. You smile lots, especially at Mom and Dad, and you even wave and clap sometimes.

How excited you get when I sit you in your highchair and grab a banana for you to eat. You kick your legs and open your mouth and gasp over and over again.

Our after-work dance parties. I put a record on and dance around the living room with you. Our current obsession: Stars, The North. (Listen here.)

Your teeth. Yup, they just keep coming. I think you have about seven now? And you know how to use them. You even bit my shoulder the other day.

Our long family walks, either to Union Square, Japantown, North Beach or Hayes Valley.

The swings! You love going to the park and playing on the swings. When I stop swinging you, you kick your legs expectedly. I think you could swing forever.

eight 4

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