Babby Hardeman

Ten Months Old

10 months 1

Happy ten months, little buddy! I’m so happy you’re in my life, and I think you like me and your dad alright, too. You just keep on growing and changing. Here are a few of the ways you’v grown and changed in the last month.

10 months 2

How fast you crawl! You love exploring the entire apartment now. I love it when you crawl down the hallway in the frenzy and then stop and plop, just sitting and checking everything out.

The fact that you’re THIS close to walking. I can sense it.

Your first time eating Thai food. Thankfully you liked it, because we eat it about once a week.

A few bumps and bruises. I hate it when you get hurt and cry, but I love it when you crawl to me for comfort. Melts my heart.

10 months 3

How much you love taking off your shoes. Especially when we don’t want you to.

Going down the slide at the park! You love it and then you turn around at the bottom and try to crawl back up! I think you’re going to be a little daredevil.

The loud phase. It has begun. You’re no longer content to sit in silence, happily sucking on your pacifier and contemplating baby things. Now you want it known that you’re here.

10 months 4

Your baptism! We had you baptized at our church (City Church) by Pastor Matt on your ten-month birthday and then enjoyed lunch with friends and family at Goat Hill Pizza. You clapped after being baptized, ate lots of pizza toppings, and had a great time spending a long weekend with your Grandpa, MiMi and GeeGee.

10 months 5


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