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Eleven Months Old!

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My son! You turned eleven months old, I promise. It happened nearly two weeks ago, right around when the hectic-ness of the holidays was starting. You won’t remember, but we’ve been BUSY since then. Thankfully, I remembered to snap these photos on your actual eleven-month birthday (December 15). So, that’s something! Here’s some of the cool stuff you’ve been into lately.

11 months 1

You had your first Thanksgiving! Since we stayed in San Francisco, you got TWO Thanksgiving meals! First, you enjoyed a scrumptious meal at the Dahl’s and then we went to Christi’s, where you sat in your friend Natalie’s lap and grabbed all of the food from her plate you possibly could. Thumbs up for turkey.

Speaking of food, you’re still digging it. Eating is one of your favorite pastimes, and you sure you put it away — just like your dad. We’ve yet to find the food you don’t like, so it seems like baby-led weaning has been successful for us so far.

You’re crawling like Speed Racer and even took your first┬ásteps. Dad and I get so excited when you work on walking with us, and you do too, but you also know you can go places faster by crawling for now.

11 months 2

You love it when we take you to the playground. You climb up the play structure like a champ and give your mom a near heart attack. I think you’re going to be a little daredevil. I should probably stock up on bandaids.

You just started getting shy around strangers, which I don’t mind too much, because it means you reach for me and Dad lots. It feels pretty great, to be honest.

I thought I was done with the surprise pee fountain during diaper-changing sessions, but one night when you were drowsy and I was changing your #2 diaper, you surprised me. I guess that just means you’re still keeping me on my feet.

You kicked Dad and me out of your room! Ok, so we left voluntarily and moved to the living room and are now on the hunt for a murphy bed. Tiny and efficient living is my addiction right now. Oh, and you let us sleep later now.

You like opening and closing doors. You like opening and closing anything!

11 months collage

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