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One Year Old!

one year 1

You’re one, little Judge! It’s been a great year. Life is a ton of fun with you — your dad and I both agree. Here are some special things to remember.

one year 2

The fact that you’re generally moving way too much for me to snag a photo these days (see above). You’re a busy kid, buddy!

Your appetite. I’m frightened for my future grocery bill. You eat pretty much anything we put in front of you (or anything that’s on mom or dad’s plate).

Your little post-meal baby burps. They’re so cute! I know it’s just a matter of time before your burps become repulsive, so I’m enjoying the cuteness of it all for now.

Your first (real) steps. Let’s be honest, you’ve tottered here and there for over a month, but you didn’t really get going until around the holidays. You still often prefer to crawl — it’s faster — but when you get walking, you get excited. I love how, when you were first walking, you’d totter excitedly to me or dad and kind of collapse into our arms. Please don’t stop collapsing into my arms, little guy.

Standing. Sometimes for you, it’s better than sitting. You can see the world from a different perspective, I suppose.

one year 3

The word (or sound) “Da.” I don’t know what it means to you, but you say it when you point at things, when you’re holding something, when you’re trying to do something. It’s the cutest.

Pointing! I guess this is just something humans figure out when they can’t communicate with words. Obvious, I know, but it’s pretty amazing when you witness it happen with your own kid.

Climbing up the slide on the playground. You did this and you were very proud of your accomplishment. I’m terrified.

Clinginess. Ok, I admit it: I love it when you crawl to me and hug me or climb on me, but it’s happening more often these days. And you often get temporarily sad when I leave a room. I know this is normal, but I’m keeping my eye on you, hoping you’ll keep learning independence as well as trust in me and your dad.

collage words

Family mealtime. It doesn’tĀ happen every night, but on the nights when I have time to make a simple dinner or make something in the slow cooker in time for your dinner time, it’s a lot of fun for the three of us to eat together. You giggle happily while eating, watching Mom and Dad delight in the fun you’re having.

Your first Christmas! We had a lot of fun celebrating in South Carolina with family. You got a lot of presents, though you won’t remember them.

We love you, little buddy! Happy (belated) birthday!

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