Developing Your Meal-Planning Database

Guys. I have some great news. I decided to take my meal planning efforts and make a spreadsheet where I track how often I’ve made a meal, level of difficulty and tastiness. I’ve saved recipes in Evernote for a while, but what I really wanted was a database of recipes that I could quickly reference. This is next-level meal-planning nerdiness, y’all.

Wanna make your own? Here are a few quick steps:

Start somewhere. No, this isn’t a comprehensive list of everything I’ve ever cooked, but it got me started.

Track what’s important to you. For me, that includes frequency of meal (my goal is to develop a repertoire), level of difficulty, tastiness whether I should make it again.

Include a link to the recipe. Came from a cookbook? Chances are you can find a link to the recipe anyway.


Ta-da! That’s it! Want to follow along with my database? Here’s the link! Have recipe suggestions? Leave ’em in the comments. (Keep in mind, I generally prefer Paleo or similar.)


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