Developing Your Meal-Planning Database

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Guys. I have some great news. I decided to take my meal planning efforts and make a spreadsheet where I track how often I’ve made a meal, level of difficulty and tastiness. I’ve saved recipes in Evernote for a while, but what I really wanted was a database of recipes that I could quickly reference. This is next-level meal-planning nerdiness, y’all.

Wanna make your own? Here are a few quick steps:

Start somewhere. No, this isn’t a comprehensive list of everything I’ve ever cooked, but it got me started.

Track¬†what’s important to you. For me, that includes frequency of meal (my goal is to develop a repertoire), level of difficulty, tastiness whether I should make it again.

Include a link to the recipe. Came from a cookbook? Chances are you can find a link to the recipe anyway.


Ta-da! That’s it! Want to follow along with my database? Here’s the link! Have recipe suggestions? Leave ’em in the comments. (Keep in mind, I generally prefer Paleo or similar.)


  1. Hi I follow your blog :)

    Not sure if this is helpful or the opposite of helpful, but for meal planning I use Pepperplate – import recipes, add tags, add to meal planner, and add ingredients to shopping list. I also love the mobile app to pull up recipes in the kitchen or to use as my shopping list on the go (also syncs across devices on the same login).

    Happy meal planning!

    • Oooh, ok I’ll give it a try. I think I downloaded it ages ago and then forgot about it. I still want a way to categorize by difficulty and tastiness, but I suppose I can just include in the notes. Thanks!

    • Oh, thanks, my dear! (And a much-belated reply.) I’ve decided strict paleo is not what I want, and I support bean cuisine (especially wallet-friendly, too).

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