My Spring Capsule Wardrobe


I enjoyed the #20items21days capsule wardrobe challenge so much (see this post and this post), that I decided to jump into a full-blown spring capsule wardrobe. This is commitment, you guys! Here’s what I chose:

14 tops
3 sweaters
1 dress
1 tunic
4 pairs of jeans
1 pair of pants
1 pair of culottes
2 skirts
1 jumpsuit
4 jackets
5 pairs of shoes

Total = 37 items

It sounds like a lot, but considering this wardrobe should last me three months, it helps to have at least a little bit of variety. Here’s how I set it up with the Stylebook app.


Step 1: Take photos of your entire wardrobe

Yes, your entire wardrobe. This took a while, but now all of my clothing is collected in the Stylebook app.



Step 2: Pick your spring capsule

In Stylebook, you collect your items of clothing into categories and then sub-categories (bottoms = jeans, skirts, etc.). I created a new parent category for my spring wardrobe and sorted my picks into sub-categories beneath.

I recommend picking a mix-and-matchable variety of bottoms (nine for me), tops (17), dresses (2) outerwear (4) and shoes (5). Stick with one color theme (mine is grays, blacks and blues) and pops of color (turquoise, bright red).



Step 3: Start creating looks

You can manually create looks in Stylebook or use their “shuffle” option. Shuffle option is the lazy girl’s solution, so I highly recommend. I created a lot of looks so I can freely pick and choose.





Step 4: Schedule your looks

Stylebook includes a calendar where you can plan out your weeks. This is great for me because I just started crossfit and I’m taking morning classes, so knowing what I’m going to wear gives me one less thing to worry about.



Well, that’s it! I’m two weeks in and already enjoying the freedom of knowing what I’m going to wear each day and having a limited selection of clothing. Oh, and did I mention that I haven’t been shopping since the beginning of the year?

I’ll keep you posted on my capsule wardrobe shenanigans here, on Instagram and on Snapchat (username = boodlebooboo), and I’d love to hear about yours, too. See you there!

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