Why (and what) I’m blogging again

Blogging seems like a luxury now, especially blogging about the clothes I wear. But I’ve missed it. I’ve talked before about how I long for creativity in my life–some outlet that would encourage me to write, make music, create. I thought it needed to be something grand to matter.

I need to pen a novel.

I need to write original songs.

I need to create something meaningful.

I was at a dinner with other moms in the fall and I talked about this. About how having the time to feed my creative self seems impossible when I have a full-time job, a toddler and a husband who all demand my time and attention. And now I’ve added another tiny human to the mix with baby #2. Another mom encouraged me that, as my children get older and more independent, I’ll have some of that time back.

But I still need something right now to satiate my hunger for creativity, and that’s this blog. But here’s the thing: I’m going to make it easy on myself (because this is supposed to be fun). Call me a personal style blogger, but don’t look for perfectly shot outfit photos, impeccably applied makeup or pristine hair. Instead, I’ll opt for the convenience of photos that can be shot and edited on my phone. And I’ll probably enlist my toddler to snap my outfit photos. (Don’t worry, I’ll give him credit.)

What you can expect from Life & Style Aesthetic

Style. I love clothes. I love how the perfect combination of a simple tee, jeans and sneaks can make make me feel amazing. I also love buying ethically made clothing, jewelry and accessories, when I can afford it. I’ll share some brands I go back to time and time again as well as new discoveries.

Makeup and beauty. My style is casual, and so is my makeup and hair. I’m certainly not an expert in either, but I hope to share some of my favorite products, tips and tricks. Just keep in mind that they’ll err on the simplistic side.

Family & career. Balancing a family and a career can be tricky but incredibly rewarding. I haven’t found a lot of mom style bloggers who also work full time out of the house. (If you know of any, send me links!) So I hope to share some of my experiences here.

City living. I live in downtown San Francisco and share a one-bedroom apartment with my husband and our two sons (a three year old and a two month old). I love our city, and I love getting creative with our small space.

Kid and baby stuff. Because it’s unavoidable. I’ll share products I like and activities we enjoy as well as challenges and successes. Parenthood can be tough, but sharing my experiences can help me process it all.

I’ll also share plenty in the moment on Instagram, so feel free to follow along there: @styleaestheticblog

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