I’ve been blogging for quite some time on the personal level.

First, there was the blog I started in college, where I chronicled the life and times of Bethy the undergrad. Some fun facts about this one: The domain name was based off of my Freshman year favorite film–When Harry Met Sally. And the blog title comes from one of my favorite Cure songs. How emo of me.

Next comes the blog I used during my gap year (between college and grad school) and during grad school (for the brief time I blogged there). If you dig REAL deep, you can find angsty posts about my past relationships. The name of this blog comes from a song by a VERY emo band I liked in college. Hm, I’m sensing a pattern.

After that, I blogged very infrequently until after my marriage and move to San Francisco when I started a blog on WordPress. (Check out this adorable post about my first week in San Francisco.)

I switched over to Blogger when I decided I wanted to start a style blog of some sort. That’s where Style Aesthetic came from.

Finally, I moved to self-hosted WordPress (transferring all of my old posts, of course), which is where I am today. And although the domain has remained the same, the title has changed: Life & Style Aesthetic. My aesthetic is much more than what I wear. It’s the music I listen to, the city I live in, the food I eat, the people I love… it’s so much. And so this blog is now poised to chronicle ALL of that.

So take a look around.

~ Bethy


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