• Style

    Just Drapey Enough

    My weekends have become an excuse to wear the coziest of clothes and pass them off as outfits. Although, truth be told, I’d wear the same to work. (Thank goodness I work in a casual office!) And true to San Francisco style, it’s always about the layers and the scarves. I’ve become fairly expert at putting these outfits together, if I do say so myself. (By the way, I’m selling a couple of my drapey pants on Poshmark, here and here, in case you’re interested!)

  • Style

    Not Worth It.

    I sometimes like to cook. Other times, it just seems like a chore. I’ll get excited about a new recipe–like these stuffed cabbage rolls. Don’t they look delicious and so much fun to make? Little pillows of meat smothered in a sweet tomato sauce.

  • Babby Hardeman

    Four Months Old

    Your ever-increasing propensity to smile. It is the most fun. Your new adventures with your nanny Nadine and your baby friend, Bash. How you do NOT like to be burped. Seriously. You cry as soon as I position you over my shoulder to burp you. Your first tooth. No joke. happened about a week ago. (You can almost see it in the photo below.)

  • Style

    Denim. Jumpsuit.

    Well, it happened. I bought a denim jumpsuit. (Ok–two of them.) And I figured out how to style it. (With these high tops.) It’s incredibly comfortable, although I do sometimes feel like I should be working in an old-timey auto body shop.