• Babby Hardeman

    Eleven Months Old!

    My son! You turned eleven months old, I promise. It happened nearly two weeks ago, right around when the hectic-ness of the holidays was starting. You won’t remember, but we’ve been BUSY since then. Thankfully, I remembered to snap these photos on your actual eleven-month birthday (December 15). So, that’s something! Here’s some of the cool stuff you’ve been into lately.

  • Babby Hardeman

    Ten Months Old

    Happy ten months, little buddy! I’m so happy you’re in my life, and I think you like me and your dad alright, too. You just keep on growing and changing. Here are a few of the ways you’v grown and changed in the last month.

  • Babby Hardeman

    Nine Months Old

    I didn’t think it could get any more fun with you, Judge, but it has! Happy nine months, little man. Here are a few of my favorite milestones and memories from the past month. Your fourth (FOURTH!) trip back to the east coast to visit your grandparents. You like to grab everything in site, so it’s getting a little trickier on planes. But you still make lots of friends on our flights. Visiting again with your great-grandmother.

  • Babby Hardeman

    Eight Months Old

    Oh, little Judge. You’re not so little anymore! Everyone comments on how big you are for your age. Must be something in the milk. It’s been eight months and–just like everyone said it would–it just keeps getting better. Your hair! Your blonde hair is growing and growing and I love it. You’re one good looking kid, Judge. My very favorite part of your bedtime routine, when I cuddle you and sing you a lullaby right before putting you in your bed. It’s our sweetest time together.

  • Babby Hardeman

    Seven Months Old

    My, how you’ve grown, my son! I just love spending time with you. You’re getting so expressive, and it’s fun to find the things that make you laugh. Here’s to seven months. How easy it is to “scare” you. I love hiding behind a wall and jumping out to say “Boo!” You love it. You’re first true crawl! While you’ve been thinking about it for a long time, it finally happened last week. You may fall down a lot and substitute belly crawling sometimes for hands-and-knees crawling, but one fact remains–you’re mobile.

  • Babby Hardeman

    Six Months Old

    A whole half of a year that’s how long it’s been since you entered our lives. It’s been a really fun ride so far. In the past month you’ve continued to race ahead in your development. I want things to slow down, but I’m having a blast watching you discover the world. Your flipping and flopping all over the floor! How you’re THIS close to crawling, but for now you just scoot backwards little by little.

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    Five Months Old

    Your second tooth. I can’t believe you have two now. Your impressive ability to entertain yourself with just about anything. Like when we were at a restaurant the other and gave you a coffee sleeve and you turned it over and over in your hand curiously. Your super-speed feedings. You had a lot of issues with breastfeeding in the beginning, but now you have it down, plus you speed through meal time.

  • Babby Hardeman

    Four Months Old

    Your ever-increasing propensity to smile. It is the most fun. Your new adventures with your nanny Nadine and your baby friend, Bash. How you do NOT like to be burped. Seriously. You cry as soon as I position you over my shoulder to burp you. Your first tooth. No joke. happened about a week ago. (You can almost see it in the photo below.)

  • Babby Hardeman

    Judge’s Day Out (a.k.a. My Birth Story)

    We arrived at the Kaiser Permanente Hospital in San Francisco at 10:00am on Thursday, January 15, 2015. I was all nerves and excitement. Chip was cool as a cucumber, as usual. Brian and Natalie drove me and my mom to the hospital. Friends really are the best. Chip took the scooter so he could run out and quickly get anything we needed. I think it will be fun to tell little Judge that someday: “Your dad drove a scooter to the hospital the day you were born.”