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    Developing Your Meal-Planning Database

    Guys. I have some great news. I decided to take my meal planning efforts and make a spreadsheet where I track how often I’ve made a meal, level of difficulty and tastiness. I’ve saved recipes in Evernote for a while, but what I really wanted was a database of recipes that I could quickly reference. This is next-level meal-planning nerdiness, y’all.

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    Meal Planning Diary #1

    Guys, having a toddler–a TODDLER–means having to be a little more on top of things than I have in the past. Before, I could wing it at mealtimes, sometimes experimenting mid week. Who cares if we don’t eat dinner until 9:30pm?

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    New to Me: Shorty Goldstein’s

    If there’s anything I like it’s new, super niche-y restaurants opening up close to my home and/or work. For the past week I’ve seen Shorty Goldstein’s out of the corner of my eye, but hadn’t stepped in or bothered to research the joint. But I was intrigued by the tagline “cure.brine.smoke.pickle.” (Gosh, I love pickles.) I finally stopped in and found a delightfully chalkboard-decorated Jewish deli. yes, please! Eater SF says that the owner is the former chef de cuisine of Betelnut. I’ll have to go back to try some of the other dishes, but today’s lunch called for corned beef on rye and a salted caramel-flavored egg cream.

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    Best Buttermilk Fried Chicken

    This was the husband’s Valentine’s Day treat before he left on a jet plane to Hong Kong. (Don’t worry, I get to join him next week!) I have a problem in that I can’t help but follow recipes. Thankfully, this one is pretty much the easiest one to memorize. So, here’s my recipe-less-ish version of the yummiest fried chicken I know how to make.

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    Korean & Karaoke

    Last Saturday night my husband and I had a little adventure with a few scoot-friends of ours. (Scoot-friends = scooter-riding friends. Yes, this is a thing. And our gang is called “The Fancies,” though the full gang was not present on this night.) First, we headed to a must-visit Korean cuisine restaurant, Toyose in the Outer Sunset. (For those of you not familiar with San Francisco, the husband and I live downtown and the Outer Sunset is about a 25-minute scooter ride away. Yes, that’s a long ride when you consider the entire city of San Francisco is 7×7 miles.) Toyose is a converted garage. Half of the garage is…

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    Happy Weekend!

    Brunch is just the best, isn’t it? This weekend one of my girlfriends hosted a ladies’ brunch at her place, and she had the cutest setup complete with flowers and heart garland. (Valentine’s Day inspiration!)

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    Recipe: French Onion Soup & Roasted Brussels Sprouts

    Three words. French. Onion. Soup. Yeah, it’s delicious. This was my first time making it. Yesterday I pulled up one of my favorite food blogs and this soup was the latest recipe. Now, she adds the gratinèe topping. I didn’t bother with it because 1) I’m impatient and 2) I’m only cooking for one this week. And it still turned out delicious. And so aromatic. Yum. Try it for yourself! French Onion Soup (adapted from Smitten Kitchen) Ingredients: 5 cups thinly sliced yellow onions3 tablespoons unsalted butter1 tablespoon olive oil1 teaspoon salt, plus more to taste1/4 teaspoon granulated sugar (I know, weird right?!)3 tablespoons all-purpose flour8 cups beef stock1/2 cup dry…

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    Sunday: Happy Things

    Think I might start a weekly Sunday blog where I post pictures of things that make me happy (either on that day or any other). Because, why not? Everyone loves pictures! So here goes. Things that make me happy:  * Singing harmonies with our church band because they are so amazingly awesome. * Wearing leopard print. Even though my ballet flats are the only leopard-printed piece of apparel I own. * Our “boot shelf.” Husband bought it discounted at the Borders that’s closing down the street from us. And now our boots have a home! (Note: Only like one-and-a-half shelves are for my boots.) * No-recipe homemade chili for the…

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    6 of 30: Raw Is Good

    Today there was raw food from Cafe Gratitude. Raw deep dish pizza Raw nachos Raw mint chocolate chip shake Salad. And a friend.  And then there was a rooftop. Dress: Old Navy    Scarf: DIY restyle (Thanks, A Pretty Penny!)    Flats: Target    Jacket: Old Navy It was rough today. There were near 70-degree temperatures pretty much all day. I broke a sweat just walking to the grocery store. Ok, I’ll stop. At the grocery store I stocked up on allergen-free goodies for the week. Like cocoa puffed brown rice to eat for breakfast along with my homemade(!) almond milk. Yum! And gluten- and dairy- and egg-free cookies that taste…