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    How to do a staycation in San Francisco

    First, grab a couple of friends. They’d better be fun friends. Kick off the weekend with an afternoon at Zeitgeist. If you’re lucky, a Belgian brewmaster will let you have a bottle of his beer for free, along with a souvenir glass. (Yes, that happened.) Then take your friends to dinner at Emmy’s Spaghetti Shack before hitting up a musician friend’s house concert.

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    Big Rock Ranch Hike

    I grew up hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North and South Carolina. Then, in college, I spent two summers in Brevard, North Carolina working at a camp and living and breathing the great outdoors. The Carolina mountain trails are deep green and brown and usually damp. Pine trees and creeks abound as do giant rocks climbing to the sky in the middle of a forest or nestled in the side of a mountain. Trails wind and twist upon themselves, ascending to sweeping views of pastureland and forests that look like tufts of dark green. It’s like looking down upon a toy train set–the kind with the town-and-country accessories.

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    Hong Kong, Part 3

    Hubs left for Hong Kong on business on Valentine’s Day night. While we had enough time for me to make some fried chicken for dinner (what else?), we didn’t get to do our usual night out on the town. I joked that we would just celebrate in Hong Kong.

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    Hong Kong, Part 1

    What a whirlwind trip I’ve had! When my husband proposed that I join him on his business trip in Hong Kong for a long weekend, I thought it was a ridiculous idea. Then I thoughts, “Why not?” We had inadvertently saved some money over the holidays and the resulting surplus was enough to cover my plane ticket. With Hubs’ ticket and the swanky hotel room already paid for, I couldn’t resist the opportunity. After all, we won’t always be able to be this spontaneous.

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    Music on the Hill

      It was a gorgeous day in the neighborhood this weekend! I had an opportunity to film another music video in pretty much the most perfect setting, Bernal Heights Park. I’m in love with the thought of hubs and I living near this park and getting a little doggie to play with there. But for now, I’m content driving the scooter up to this hill and enjoying the jaw-droppingly lovely views.

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    I know things look a little different ’round these parts. I finally switched my blog over to wordpress.org and I’m hosting my domain elsewhere. Then I bought a lovely little blog theme from Going Going Studios. Ain’t it pretty? To kick off the fancy, new look, I thought I’d show you how I celebrated my 30th birthday – with a little trip to New York City.