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    How to do a staycation in San Francisco

    First, grab a couple of friends. They’d better be fun friends. Kick off the weekend with an afternoon at Zeitgeist. If you’re lucky, a Belgian brewmaster will let you have a bottle of his beer for free, along with a souvenir glass. (Yes, that happened.) Then take your friends to dinner at Emmy’s Spaghetti Shack before hitting up a musician friend’s house concert.

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    Closet Nurseries and Other San Francisco Problems

    Source Let me start off by saying NO, I’m not pregnant. OK, let’s chat! I grew up in the suburbs. I always had my own bedroom (except for that one time when my family was renting a home) and a pretty spacious house and yard. And my parents worked hard for each of their houses; I really respect that. But now I find myself going on five years living in San Francisco, past my parents’ ages when they had kids, and nowhere near in a position to buy a house. I’ve been thinking about it a good bit lately (partially because I have friends dealing with raising kids in the…

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    Music on the Hill

      It was a gorgeous day in the neighborhood this weekend! I had an opportunity to film another music video in pretty much the most perfect setting, Bernal Heights Park. I’m in love with the thought of hubs and I living near this park and getting a little doggie to play with there. But for now, I’m content driving the scooter up to this hill and enjoying the jaw-droppingly lovely views.